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So I’ve finally got around to finishing my site, hurrah! It’s been a work in progress for all of two weeks(!), but seeing as I let my last site lapse on an old web host a few years ago, I thought it’s best I give it a bit more attention and start blogging on things which are relevant to me, what I do and what I’m interested in.

That doesn’t mean to say I’ll also post inane rubbish on here as well – it may well interest someone, but there you go. You take the rough with the smooth.

We’re now at the end of January, and after having a impromptu mini networking session with Antonio Spinozzi (check out his site here) and Richard Carter (his site is here) last week, we came to the general consensus that when you run your own business, January is always very slow. Everyone is getting over Christmas, it’s the depth of winter and there isn’t another bank holiday in sight for a while. Meh.

But now, it’s time to crack on. I’ve had a nice break. I’ve watched my son grow and learn and enjoyed and will continue to enjoy every second of it. I’m not one for resolutions, but I’m going to make this year brilliant for me, my family and the guys at Red Maple…

Oh, and continue to update my blog as well!